Quick Guide to Brewing the best French Press Coffee


The French press is the definition of simplicity when it comes to making coffee. This is what most coffee lovers resort to during those lazy mornings when they want to just make their coffee in comfort and then enjoy it immediately after. Unlike the large coffee makers that take a long time to brew your coffee, the French press is a simple sophisticated piece of machinery that cuts the brew time by half and delivers hot coffee in a matter of minutes. It also saves time, energy and space. All that needs heating in this case is the water that will be used to make the best French Press Coffee. The appliance can also be stored in the cupboard, saving you some much needed shelf space.

The Procedure for brewing the French Press Coffee

There are different ways to make the the French Press Coffee, the one constant that accompanies them is exceptional taste. Most coffee drinkers prefer a French press coffee in place of other forms of coffee since it captures the flavor of the beans to perfection. Paper filtered brewers are still good producers of coffee, but some of the test is lost in the process. This is why the French press is quite popular and beloved. All the ways that you can choose to make a cup of French press usually follow the same procedure. The difference comes in the way in which you choose to tweak each and every step, giving a new spin to the old classic. Below is a good process you should definitely try out.

What You Require

  1. A French Press

Any can do, with the average French Press having a capacity of around eight cups or one liter.

  1. Coffee

Fresh whole coffee beans serve best for this type of coffee.

  1. A Burr Grinder

A burr mill is best since it produces a course grind with an even distribution. This is a core part of the process since the size of the ground coffee beans greatly affects the type of the Coffee Press gotten at the end of the procedure.

  1. A kitchen Scale

Or in some cases a coffee scoop. These are essential for making measurements on the water and the grounds. A standard coffee to water ratio is 1 table spoon to 6 ounces of water. Alternatively, you can choose to go with one coffee scoop for every 6 oz of water.

  1. Water

Fresh water is essential. You can opt for either filtered/distilled water, or water that is great tasting. Do not use water that already has a weird taste, this will adversely affect that quality and taste of your French Press Coffee.

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  1. Timer

Brewing time needs to be kept to a consistent span of 4 minutes.

  1. A Kettle
  2. A Wooden Spoon
  3. A Coffee Mug for serving the French Press

The French Press Coffee Brewing Steps

  1. Boil the Water

Boil the water in the kettle then let it sit for 2 minutes after it is done boiling. It is advisable to maintain a temperature of 1950-2000 0F. Preheat your press with the hot water, including the plunger and then add some to the coffee mug as well.

  1. Grind Your Beans

This can be done as the water is boiling. Use the grinder to generate a grind that is both course and even. The ratio of water to coffee is usually maintained at 10:1 or 18:1 by many professionals. A good blend can also be gotten with a 15.5:1 ratio, meaning that each gram of coffee is mixed with fifteen and a half grams of water. For a press of about half a liter, 32-38 grams of ground coffee will do. This is when the measurements are being dome using a scale.

Alternatively, you can use a scoop. in this case, 7 scoops per liter of water should be adequate. For a press with the capacity of half a liter, then three and a half to four scoops of ground coffee should suffice.

  1. Plunging

There are two alternatives to the this.

The first:

  • Put the grounds into the French press
  • Add a third of the hot water and let it soak the grounds. Stir gently for five seconds on the timer then cover the press and allow it to sit undisturbed for another thirty-five seconds.
  • Add the reaming water then gently stir for five more seconds. Put the plunger then allow it to sit for an additional 4 minutes on the timer.
  • Press down the plunger

The second:

  • Put the grounds in the French press
  • Add the entire amount of water intended for use
  • Start the timer and allow it to sit undisturbed for 4 minutes
  • Skim the grounds on top of the French press before pressing the plunger down
  • Put the plunger on and press it down
  1. Serving

Pour the French Press Coffee into the mug and serve while hot. If you prefer, add some cream and sugar.

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