Key Features of a Good Drip Coffee Maker


Water is by far the most consumed liquid on the planet, which partly explains why the planet is 71% water. In terms of beverages, coffee and tea are two of the most ingested water based beverages. They make up to a third of the water consumed on the American and European continents. But if you are a tea lover, then this is your stop. This is a piece that will be used to analyze one of the widely-used coffee making appliances, the Drip Coffee Maker.  This brewing machine is purchased by many and rejected by an equal number as well. The rejections come from misinformation as people go for lower quality products that they end up hating. Here, we will look at what exactly makes a good drip coffee brewer, in the hopes that this knowledge will help you to choose the most appropriate appliance to help meet your coffee needs.

Features of a good Drip Coffee Maker are:

  1. A Filter Basket

A good drip coffee maker must have a filter basket. Once the filtering has been completed, the coffee beans are supposed to fall into the filter basket. This is where they will be brewed from to make you that tasteful cup of coffee. This is quite an important consideration, since the size of the basket actually maters. If you intend to use your coffee maker to brew coffee for a large number of people, then you need a bigger filter basket. A small one will however suffice for individual use.

  1. The Automatic “Turn Off”

Very few people have the luxury to stand by the drip coffee maker while it does its thing. Life tends to be busy, and most of the time coffee is brewed while other activities are taking place simultaneously. For this reason, your coffee maker needs to have an automatic Turn Off function that will stop the process once it has run full cycle. This is even more fundamental for individuals that constantly consume coffee throughout the day to keep up with high pressure situations or jobs that are attention demanding this feature ensures that you spend as little time as possible at the machine. It eradicates a lot of hustle and divided attention. All that is expected of you is to start the coffee making process and to collect your coffee when you want to drink. Everything else including shutting down, is managed by the coffee making machine.

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  1. The Self Timer

This is another important feature of a good quality Drip Coffee Maker. It is what gives you total control over the coffee making process. The timer serves quite a number of purposes. It acts as a countdown system to when your coffee is ready, enabling you to be alerted by triggering the alarm or the indicator light. Another is that it enables you to dictate the time period in which you expect your coffee to be ready. This enables the timer to control the heat of the coffee maker so that the beverage is ready on time. The inclusion of the timer frees you from having to monitor the coffee maker and allows you to continue with other important activities as you await your coffee.

  1. A Milk Frother

A milk frother is a fundamental element of the Drip Coffee Maker. There are two available options for this. The first is to acquire one separately then attach it to your coffee maker, and the second more convenient option is to go for a coffee maker that has an inbuilt milk frother. This saves you both time and money as the making of the coffee becomes faster and easier. Once the brewing of the coffee beans is done, you will not have to incur the extra task of frothing your milk separately. It is best to opt for the higher capacity coffee machines since they are the ones that can accommodate an in-built frother. They are even more advantageous as they allow you to froth chocolates. Since the drip coffee machine is big, it is easier for it to froth and store the milk, making brewing subsequent cups of coffee simpler.

  1. An Indicator Light

This is one of the ways in which your drip coffee machine communicates to you making it a very important component. The indicator light sends signals when your coffee is ready, when the temperature needs to be adjusted by either raising it or lowering it and in other cases when the machine has a problem. The indicator works in synchronization with the self-timer and can away alert you once your coffee is done. Never, ever, attempt to purchase a coffee maker that lacks an indicator light, since this is equivalent to purchasing a machines that never communicates anything. It simply put you back to an analogue era of trial and error.

  1. A Transparent Lid

All coffee brewers require a transparent lid if they are to be considered complete, and the Drip Coffee Maker is not an exception to this rule. It is what allows you to view the coffee making process, providing you insights to when the coffee is ready, and what amounts of milk, chocolate or sugar to add. The lack of a transparent lid is one of the reasons not to buy a certain coffee maker. This is because the lid is very important when making coffee, especially if you are adding some necessary elements like milk which require visualization more than intuition. If you want to brew that perfect cup of coffee, then you need to see what you are doing, hence the need for the transparent lid.

  1. A Warming Plate

This is the element that ensures your carafe remains hot, and your coffee is always at a good drinkable temperature. It keeps the coffee warm after brewing and frothing are done. Your Drip Coffee Maker will need to have the plate so that you can reduce the need to always reheat the coffee each time you take it from the maker.

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